14 Dec

The Shocking Revelation of Vasectomy Reversal

Efficient for couples because you come every every couple comes along with some unique baggage it’s not just an issue of whether a guy has had a vasectomy at some stage in life there’s other issues that you really need to consider you need to consider the age of female whether they’ve got any other medical illnesses with the course of gynecological issues that may be important things like endometriosis so there are significant factors that can affect ultimately success.

The procedure and therefore reverse vasectomy the choice of whether you should be having a reversal and there are of course significant alternatives to rest ivf has been around a long period of time and the process statistic in a spoon retrieval from the testers utilizing a process called intracytoplasmic sperm injection has been available for years and for quite a significant number couples that will be an appropriate choice and a better choice than vasectomy reversal but probably.

about two thirds of them of the couples of Lucy who as their first intention might have vasectomy in mind ultimately that is probably their their their their their appropriate choice but you need to sort out whether it is a good idea to do this or not some of the things that might be affecting the chance of success are whether there could be the presence of sperm antibodies now sperm antibodies exist because sperm themselves are cells were created at birth they haven’t developed.

until puberty and they have unique proteins on the surface of the cells which can invoke an immune response and women will sometimes have sperm antibodies that men in particular after vasectomy a significant number of those will have high levels of sperm antibodies which you may see.