07 Oct

Understanding The Background Of Los Angeles Movers

we have two open Los Angeles Movers windows here’s our little kitchen weave a mini fridge and a freezer andthen like a sink here’s what we’re goingto put all of our like pots and transplantation like storage space here we already gota scale of food scale a bunch of stufflike thatand yeah then our bathroom is like overthrew we’re using it good morning how areyou feeling good thanksalright.

yeah after all Mars of the bed we just ended up passing out like sofast we both shower because we were justlike we felt disgusting but then we justend up going to bed and we have a bunchof stuff to do today we have to puttogether all the other little stuff likeI set the table the chairs the littlecounter thingies next to our bed andthen we’re have to go to Walmart we haveto get a mirror.

like a full-lengthmirror which I think we’re going to putlike right here that’s about it sothat’s my update for you guys we couldgo grocery shopping because we have nofood so we’re currently building ournightstands but we just finishedbuilding our table which is really cutewith our chairs and we got like a blacktheme going on black and white basicallyeverything that.

we got is like a blackand white theme so really fastwhen we go to breakfast I want to showyou guys the gym obviously it’s not hugebut it will definitely get the job doneso here we have dumbbells we have abunch we have another bunch we have asmith machine with like a bunch. dinner nowOhalright guys so I think it is around a.m. right now Omer and I just came backfrom returning our rental car because myparents fly in tomorrow and then we wentto Walmart and we did our first groceryshopping and got plenty food because itwas the only store that was actuallyopen so we have stuff here we have morestuff here we also want to targetwe got a lamp I got more hangers thingslike that and almost even saw ice creamout of the tub because you know.